Why is the COP16 a big deal in Latin America?

By Ram Murguia (Founder)

Recently, many people have asked me two things: (a) “Ram, why is the COP16 so important in Latin America?” and (b) “Why will COP16 not carry out any significant agreement?

Let´s point out some relevant facts that impact the Latin American region.

Answer (a)
1. Row Materials: Latin America owns huge amounts of commodities like timber, minerals, WATER, animals -available on the black market- and so many more that other countries and companies require.

2. Territory: Companies need space to set up their factories on, and most of them contaminate earth, water and air. That is when corruption comes into play and policy makers are bribed by many companies to soften their policies.

3. Labour: In developed countries, risky and hazardous jobs are strictly forbidden. That is why many companies go abroad to look for corrupt countries and cheaper work force.

Answer (b)
We live on a planet dominated by huge companies that need to sell something at the expense of contaminating the only house we have. They do not care what will happen tomorrow, they need to fix their balance sheets today.

If you keep wondering why these kind of meetings matter, just think how any company or policy indirectly affects you.

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