Large technological changes in the business

By Leonardo Bergamo (Brazil)

1980 … Communication between companies and individuals is based on letters, fax, telex or landlines. Payment by credit cards is done mechanically, as well as data entry of timecards. Check-in at airports is made with a card filled in a typewriter. The libraries are entirely of printed books and the management of them is fully manual.

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Trademarks that clean pockets

By Daniel CadenaLópez (Ecuador)

If the devil wears Prada could be that he has more money than Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world according to the magazine Forbes, or he is simply one of the innocents that let themselves to be influenced by the publicity and spend even the money they don’t have in status, freedom, independence, glamour, style and authenticity that supposedly gives them to wear a garment of an expensive trademark like that.

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