10 steps to piss on 120 million people and an entire country

latinomics Ram how to piss on 120 million copy

10 steps to piss on 120 million people and an entire country:

  1. Cut the education budget
  2. Make deals with media to hide what internal problems and blame poor people as the problem
  3. Create war on drugs
  4. Favor those involved in said war
  5. Buy overpriced weapons from the US
  6. Dont encourage reading, the sciences, the arts or respecting institutional autonomyIMG_7198
  7. Switch the education budget and development programs to purchase army equipment;
  8. Be seen with the world’s worst  leaders (for instance, kidnappers of education union)
  9. Create and advocate unfair laws a) to give lower salaries and fewer benefits to the national workforce b) to increase the income of transnational companies, and c) to allow those transnational companies to pollute rivers, lakes and deforest jungles and forests.
  10. Associating with the worse leaders (for instance, kidnappers of the education unions) thus lesser and poorer education is delivered.

Mexico is the best example that these steps absolutely work out.